Contract turn key

The convenience of having a single interlocutor at your side, to find the best solution for every need

The PlanOffice team constantly strives to offer a complete service, “turnkey”, to its customers. Therefore, we start by consulting and analyzing the specific needs of the client. Later, we complete every phase of the design, respecting the various needs and preferences. We then move on to the production of office furniture, as well as the sale and installation of individual office furniture designed for our customers.

We are constantly looking for the best technological solutions and this has always allowed us to propose products with a unique, modern and functional design, able to satisfy the needs of a wide and diversified clientele. We present ourselves as a single supplier of office furniture and quality furnishing solutions. However, we do not only deal with the supply, but we go much further, always managing to give every environment that added value that makes the difference.

In our catalogue there are directional furniture, partition walls, wall systems and solutions for open space and operating areas. Ergonomic desks, chairs and armchairs, bookcases, storage cabinets, curtains, lighting and furnishings of all kinds are available to our customers. We also manufacture walls, false walls and ceilings with plasterboard panels, mineral fiber, metal elements, wood and/or other materials. Our service also includes after-sales service.

In other words, the winning formula contract PlanOffice is our way to ensure you more efficiency and more savings, shorter execution times and fewer problems. We are here to create an office“turnkey” tailored to your operational needs.

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