Counters and reception desk

Strategic, modern and refined furnishing solutions

The reception is a bit like a business card for a customer entering a company. Therefore, it is necessary that these environments are tailored to the needs and space available, and following the characteristics of the company itself and its target customers. In other words, this area has a certain impact and you have to study a furniture that can perfectly convey the corporate image.
Our office furniture solutions allow us to offer you not only counter furniture: we have everything you need to create a strategic reception, functional and able to conquer the customer from the first glance. We use quality materials, safe and free of harmful substances, and we implement quality and aesthetically unique finishes.

Clearly, let us not forget to pay attention to individual details. The wood and its fascinating grain, the brilliance of the crystal and the satin and coloured glass, and all the peculiarities of the shiny steel elements allow us to create precious pieces and different from each other.

Our PlanOffice designers and designers are ready to design a customized environment and customized solutions for your reception, characterized by the presence of modular elements, both curved and linear, of different size and angle. Project, Project Light, Vogue, System and Tech are some of our solutions for reception counters, which can be combined with many of our other office furniture, to the partition walls and to the many furnishing accessories signed by PlanOffice.

In short, we are responsible for furnishing your working environments, offering you functional counters and high quality, but also a reception suitable to welcome customers in the right way. Depending on the spaces and your needs, we will study the arrangement of the furniture and the various accessories, designing and creating an ad hoc entrance.

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