Executive chairs

Comfortable and ergonomic office armchairs, as well as furniture elements with an exclusive design

To call them executive chairs is perhaps reductive, especially when it comes to seats made with prestigious materials and particularly elegant design. These are the characteristics of our chairs for the Presidential Office, which are presented not only as useful tools but also as real furniture elements.

When it comes to customized solutions for the furnishings of the office, PlanOffice creates executive seats with refined lines and innovative features, able to make the executive environments nothing short of exclusive. Our office armchairs can be dressed in a more classic style, or stand out in the room thanks to their modern design and suitable for the most demanding managers.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the health of the customer is of fundamental importance to us. Therefore, we design ergonomic and perfect armchairs even for those who spend many hours at the desk and/or in front of the computer. In other words, our seats boast a high beauty, but also allow you to hold a correct position throughout the working day

Thanks to the right shapes and materials, we have designed armchairs that do not fatigue the dorsal muscles. On the contrary, they are able to lighten the load on the intervertebral discs, as well as designed to avoid pressure points on the nerves and blood circulation and to prevent muscle strain harmful to health. Our presidential and executive office seats are available with or without wheels, with gas lifts or with sled structure. For the furniture of the office, you can choose among many models, styles, colors and types of coatings.

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