PlanOffice offers a wide choice of office furniture solutions and comfortable, elegant and refined seats to satisfy any operational need.

For over 30 years PlanOffice has been designing and manufacturing office furniture and furnishings with the aim of satisfying any functional and operational need posed by customers. The vast PlanOffice catalog offers refined design solutions, dedicated to furnishing presidential, executive and operational offices, furnishings to create comfortable meeting and conference rooms, furniture for open spaces and call centers and many other product lines to be inserted in particular contexts such as reception and waiting rooms.

All PlanOffice office furniture features finishes comparable to a handcrafted product, thanks to the selection of the finest materials, the extreme attention to detail and advanced production technologies that also allow you to keep costs down and offer a quality ratio / definitely competitive price. These characteristics also belong to the office chairs, a fundamental component of the furniture that must be ergonomic and functional to offer the right support during the working days.

PlanOffice office furniture is conceived and created by a team of highly experienced designers and technicians, capable of conceiving exclusive and versatile furnishing solutions and realizing them through high quality materials such as wood of various essences, leather, crystal and glass, always in a wide range of colors.

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