Glass walls

Our glass walls are exclusive products for the furnishing of exclusive offices

The elegance is also presented in the details and is confirmed by the choice of materials. Our glass office walls boast an elegant, functional and contemporary design, proving to be an increasingly popular solution in recent years. Glass allows us to propose special product lines, ideal to customize any type of project. This material is the perfect choice for those who want brighter environments, where natural and artificial light finds no obstacles and can be fully exploited.

To make everything more refined, PlanOffice implements several finishes characterized by the use of satin or wisely decorated glass. These office furniture solutions make the operating environment more beautiful, but also more functional. In fact, they allow you to rely on more privacy whenever necessary, and to split large open spaces intelligently. They allow the creation of offices and meeting rooms able to satisfy every type of need, but always maintaining the visual feeling of amplitude.

Our glass partition walls are perfectly matched to any style of office furniture, distinguishing thanks to the detailed metal profiles that constantly make a positive difference, both from an aesthetic point of view and as regards the stability of the element itself. They outline the environments in the right way and can become even more functional thanks to the implementation of swing or sliding doors. These access points will be coordinated to the entire structure, both for selected materials and from a design point of view.

In short, we at PlanOffice ensure complete and suitable office furniture solutions for the most varied operational needs. Our technicians will be able to satisfy every request, staying constantly at the customer’s side, from consulting to the project, until the completion of the installation of the glass walls for office.

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