Office furnishing

The furnishings that make the office more functional and more beautiful

The work space needs the right attention, both for the furniture and for the individual details. Precisely for this reason, PlanOffice offers office furnishings that allow to enrich the environment and make it even more functional and aesthetically appealing. Our office furniture solutions and our catalogue include items for all tastes and needs, ideal for the operating areas but also for those directional.

Our accessories are made with care and with the best materials, just like our office furniture. You can go from pencil holders to ashtrays, from baskets to paper launchers, to correspondence containers, coat hangers and umbrella racks. Our wide range of office furniture products also includes everything related to lighting, such as table lamps and stands. Among our office accessories we also offer elements for exhibition areas, partitions, sound absorbing panels, tables, desk accessories and much more.
PlanOffice always offers products that are safe for man’s health and can last a long time, constantly guaranteeing functionality and efficiency.

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