Office partition walls

Functional and impact office partition walls from an aesthetic point of view

PlanOffice has always been a consolidated and specialized company in the field of the production of optimal partition walls and equipped. In fact, we offer complete office furniture solutions, where modular walls and furniture often become the protagonists. We design and manufacture intelligent elements, which respond to every type of need, both from an aesthetic point of view and as regards functionality.

Thanks to the best office furniture, diversified and personalized, we decorate the rooms with style. Thanks to the partitions, we complete the furnishings and can skilfully divide open spaces and other types of environments. With these efficient elements we bring the best of contemporary architecture into every operating environment, implementing in it a unique design. PlanOffice office partitions are easy to assemble and dismantle, and offer a high soundproofing of the rooms through the use of suitable and efficient materials. Therefore, they provide privacy and increase productivity and quality of work.

With over thirty years of experience in the field of office furniture and the production of office furniture, PlanOffice also offers a complete service with regard to the construction of partition walls. In fact, we offer consultancy, planning, production, transport and assembly. In every context we identify the ideal solution according to the specific functional needs of the office, without ever sacrificing the quality of the materials nor the aesthetic aspect of the finished product.

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