Open space walls

The functional subdivision with great aesthetic impact, with the best partitions for open space

Almost all open space operating environments require a smart partition of space that can ensure soundproofing, livability and privacy, without forgetting the design and optimum functionality. With these assumptions, the technicians of PlanOffice have long specialized in the realization of partition walls for open space. After having studied various environments and all the operational needs of the case, we have developed unique and highly functional solutions.

Specifically, we propose modern elements, efficient and able to optimize every type of operating space. Each model of partitions for open space ensures an increase in the sound-proofing levels of the working environment, but also in terms of liveability, privacy and comfort. This has proved to many of our customers a starting point for better productivity and quality of tasks.

To design the best subdivision in every workplace, our technicians study the spaces and operational needs, up to propose a customized design and an ad hoc installation. With this modus operandi of ours we are able to guarantee innovative, efficient, technological and great design solutions.

In our catalog we have a wide range of office furniture and partition walls, furnishings and much more. Our customers will find different types of mobile and equipped partitions, and industrial walls. They are all made with different types of finishes and with materials such as wood, glass and steel easy to assemble, disassemble and reuse, and plasterboard.

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