Opens Space e Call Center

New technologies at the service of work spaces, with flexible and modular office furniture

Currently, open space environments are ideal to support team work and call centers. These operating areas offer open spaces and usable in their entirety, and can be reinforced by the presence of functional and quality office furniture.

PlanOffice has been working for years on the creation of open space for call centers, contact centers and other types of co-working offices. Again, we take care of the design and organisation of the environments according to the production process. We study the specifications and special needs of our customers and the working methods, creating a perfect open space in every respect.

We can create efficient workstations and exploit the potential of our best office partition walls, made of glass or steel. Our technicians and designers are always at the service of the customer, working to develop tailor-made solutions.

We know how to behave for the realization of this type of office precisely because we have analyzed in detail numerous national call centers. Therefore, our solutions and lines of furniture for offices and call centers can conquer you with a modern and elegant design, and thanks to the maximum efficiency of workstations. The latter will facilitate the work of operators and even protect their well-being. Even when it comes to call centers and open spaces, PlanOffice guarantees the use of materials free of toxic substances and low formaldehyde content.

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