Operating armchairs

The office seats suitable to support and support operators in a functional and ergonomic way

Working often means sitting for many hours. In these situations, it is necessary that the practitioner’s physique is wisely supported, offering comfort and well-being. In any case, the user must be able to rely on intelligent and functional office furniture. Precisely for these reasons, the operating sessions of PlanOffice are realized after a careful study of the positions and the behaviors assumed by the operators during the working activities. Depending on the specific needs and needs, we design and manufacture high quality office chairs. In this case, we are talking specifically about operating chairs.

These are presented as a real piece of furniture that, when it comes to furniture solutions for the office, certainly can never be lacking. Therefore, let us think about the best way to bring ergonomic shapes to every working environment and to suggest a good posture to the body naturally. We also offer practical elements with a variety of features, which allow you to adjust position and height. The armrests can also be adjusted in height and orientation.

The front edge of the seat, on the other hand, has a slightly rounded shape, useful to avoid compression. The backrest of our operating armchairs is equipped with a mechanism designed to correctly adjust the inclination and locking, and to provide optimal lumbar support. The seat is also adjustable in height.

We at PlanOffice do not even underestimate the aesthetic side of any operating armchair. In fact, we have always made office furniture and design solutions following the style and preferences of the customer, and we do the same also with regard to the seating. Our catalogue allows you to view our numerous ergonomic seats, which are presented as elegant models, with different colours and finishes. To integrate perfectly with all the lines of office furniture, PlanOffice operating chairs boast distinctive features of absolute quality.

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