Waiting chairs

The importance of spaces dedicated to reception and waiting, but also to conferences and conferences.

When it comes to furnishing solutions for the office, we must not underestimate the importance of the environments dedicated to the reception of customers and waiting, nor even less of those hosting conferences and conferences. In each of these situations you need quality office furniture, as well as valid seating systems, with fixed and fixed positions. PlanOffice has been involved for years in the furnishing and design of these environments, without setting aside the supply of valid waiting chairs.

We take care of every phase of the seating design for the waiting room and for the reception, and for the areas dedicated to congresses and conferences. Every time we propose intelligent, innovative, safe and functional solutions. Our proposals guarantee durability, stability and durability, and are characterized by ergonomic design and designed to promote the well-being of every person.

Our catalogue offers a wide range of products, including fixed, flexible systems and many other types of seating. Each of the latter distinguishes itself from the others for its style, colour and finishes. In any case, however, we guarantee comfort, functionality and versatility, that is elements that cannot be lacking in any space of representation and hospitality. PlanOffice also has complete and customized solutions for the furnishing of conference rooms, waiting rooms, auditoriums, theatres and cinemas.

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