A functional environment requires a functional subdivision of the operating spaces

When it comes to office furniture solutions, many factors and essential elements come into play. Among these are also the intelligent partition walls, which can optimize spaces and have a positive impact on the well-being and productivity of office workers. PlanOffice offers partition walls and equipped with various types of glass or steel, for open space and more. These present themselves as fundamental elements in terms of office furniture, precisely because they help to divide the spaces in an intelligent and functional way.

To realize the best partition walls for office, we study the environment in its entirety, evaluating dimensions and operational needs. Later, during the design, we take into account the details, preferences and requests of our customers, as well as the style of the working building in every corner. Next, we use state-of-the-art technology and offer a wide range of mobile and equipped walls, which can even soundproof environments.

Our office partition walls are available in a variety of variations, with different finishes and colours. In this way, we can propose the creation of an element that can fit harmoniously into the overall furniture project. Privacy and liveability, design and functionality are part of the advantages of those who choose dividing walls for office.

Among the many solutions of office furniture and among PlanOffice products, our customers can find a complete collection of partition walls and equipped, divided into Plan lines. Specifically, we have Plan with horizontal and vertical modular walls, Plan Glass, Plan Glass Light and Plan Glass 80 with modular single-glazed walls; Plan Omega with blind modular walls and/or with glass; Plan Steel with modular walls and fire retardants in steel.

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