About us

Planoffice takes care of your office furniture

PlanOffice is a company specialising in the design, development and production of office furniture solutions. We guarantee expertise and professionalism, as well as quality based on our many years of experience and choice of the best materials. We offer high-quality, elegant and functional office furniture and products that have been developed with the user’s comfort and well-being in mind. We develop differentiated and customised solutions to suit individual operational requirements, always ensuring maximum flexibility and versatility, and intelligent modular systems.


PlanOffice is now a reference point and an important resource for many companies and professionals. This is because we have been involved in the design, production and assembly of high-quality office furniture for over three decades. We start with a careful analysis of the context to be furnished and the customer’s needs, and provide individual advice. We then take care of the creation of a more livable and functional working environment that is also more beautiful and perfectly reflects the company’s image.

We offer efficient and durable office furniture and ergonomic chairs and armchairs. We take care of every operational, presidential, executive, industrial and reception space. Each of our office furniture solutions is designed to respect the well-being and health of users, and to raise productivity levels and quality of work.

PlanOffice’s projects include the creation of partitions and office furniture, but also the creation of turnkey working environments. In each case, we aim to create unique environments where all the elements integrate harmoniously with each other and where space is used in the most intelligent way.

The office furniture proposed by PlanOffice is made with technologically advanced production facilities that guarantee quality, excellence and safety at competitive prices. Many of our most sophisticated projects are carried out by the PlanOffice team in collaboration with the most prestigious national and international industrial groups, and with the support of fruitful synergies in the office furniture industry and beyond.


The PlanOffice catalogue is very wide and diversified, and we also have an outlet area where you can buy new office furniture still packed. Relying on our outlet you can get considerable savings on the list price, without ever putting quality aside.


When it comes to designing and implementing office furniture solutions, the experience and specialisation of PlanOffice’s management and staff make all the difference. Our professionalism, skills and desire to always seek new solutions allow us to offer our customers a wide range of products and a complete service in the contract sector. We also cooperate with the client’s trusted designers, offering in each case tailor-made designs and office furniture that is excellent in every respect.

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