Steel walls

Steel office walls: a high aesthetic value for skilfully dividing spaces

For those looking for greater privacy in open space and large offices, but also better acoustic insulation, steel walls are definitely the ideal solution. In fact, they guarantee protection and soundproofing, privacy and tranquility, thus promoting an increase in productivity and quality of work. Subdivide in a functional way every type of environment, without ever clutter and steal space.

PlanOffice steel office walls can be customized according to specific needs, making them perfect for dividing vertical spaces and for covering ceilings and floors. In addition to sound insulation, they provide high fire protection, presenting themselves as a safe, quality and reliable solution in both public and residential construction.

Steel walls also allow the walls of workplaces to be quickly adapted to safety standards, while at the same time ensuring a remarkable aesthetic value. They are part of our office furniture solutions. Therefore, they can harmoniously complement different styles of furniture, making each building even more beautiful and functional. In our PlanOffice catalogue there are different types of steel walls that are flexible and customizable, all high quality and easy to assemble, disassemble and reuse.

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