Walls equipped office

The division of large offices with equipped walls that protect the well-being and privacy of operators

Specialized in the production and installation of mobile and office walls, we at PlanOffice have been working for years to create walls equipped for open space environments, but we also propose good solutions for smaller environments. We divide offices into functional, innovative, durable, durable, stable and safe elements in every respect. We put quality first, as we do for the production of office furniture, but also design.

Easily reusable and extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, our wall systems make every room more modern, increasing the levels of privacy. They can also offer optimal soundproofing and promote an increase in productivity and quality of the work done by operators.
PlanOffice wall systems are efficient and able to respond to any kind of need even from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, they can be made using different materials and preferring different colors and finishes. In practice, they can be upholstered with any style, harmoniously completing any kind of environment and office furniture.

PlanOffice offers all this and much more, starting with an on-site inspection and consultation without obligation, and then going on to design, manufacture, transport and assembly of the individual elements.

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