Bookshelves and cabinets

For an exceptional working environment, you need highly functional office furniture

The bookcases and cabinets cannot miss when it comes to office furniture: they guarantee a better organization of the spaces and an optimal subdivision of objects, documents and working instruments. PlanOffice is responsible for designing and creating functional furniture characterized by an exclusive design.

Our bookcases and cabinets are presented as office furniture that can meet the multiple needs of each worker and enable the worker to optimize his productivity in many ways. In the PlanOffice catalogue you will find all our solutions with elegant finishes and made up of prestigious materials, which we have realized in collaboration with designers and designers expert in the field of office furniture.

We always prefer clean lines and top quality materials, which allow us to offer exceptional furniture in terms of functionality and durability. Our bookcases can have open or closed compartments, drawers or folds, and become the ideal place to store orders and documents, but also to place small appliances or to offer intelligent solutions for the wardrobe.

In addition to the classic bookcases to be placed on the wall, among our furniture you will also find the solutions free standing”, great to take the place of the partition walls for office, helping to intelligently separate the different operating areas. In our catalogue there are also suspended bookcases, which can be fixed to the wall without the need to rest on the floor.

Our experience allows us to create bookcases and containers that boast stability and resistance, and can promote the well-being of our customers as they are made of materials free of toxic substances. Our office furniture is modular and can be made to measure. PlanOffice offers concrete and elegant office furniture solutions in any case, which can help to optimize the spaces and improve the livability of the working environments.

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